The CUCN (Community of Users of Water of the District of Níjar) is the organization for the desalinated water distribution in the district of Níjar, Spain. The semi-arid conditions of this district and the intensive water stress in the Almeria region make the CUCN one of the most important users of water communities in Spain.

In particular, the CUCN offers desalinated water from the Carboneras desalination plant to more than 2,500 users in the district. The management of water resources by the CUCN is carried out following strict sustainability principles, which results in a series of acknowledgments for water management carried out by the CUCN.

Since its creation in 1999, the CUCN has managed more than 70 million euros in investments for sustainable water management in the district. These investments include the modernization and improvement of the efficiency of irrigation systems, the management of outdoor water storage facilities, the technical development and improvement of desalination techniques and the management of the complex irrigation scheme in the district.

The CUCN plays a key role in the sustainable development of the southeast agricultural sector in Spain, where efficient and sustainable water management is essential due to the climatic conditions and the water deficit of the region. The role of the CUCN is not limited to the sustainable management of the district’s water resources, but also includes community dissemination and outreach activities in other geographical areas where sustainable water management is also key to development long-term sustainability of the region.