Erasmus “Green-Ecofriendly-house” project

On 17 May, a talk was held at the University of Almeria with students from the La Salle Institute (Almeria) and with students from the Lyceé Hyppolite Fontaine, Dijon (France); Gottlieb Daimler Schule2, Sindelfingen (Germany); Lyceé Technique, Ettelbruck (Luxembourg).
These students are part of an Erasmus “Green-Ecofriendly-house” project, whose main themes are greenhouses, water supply, plastic recycling, waste or architecture and efficient design.
The organizers of this project contacted us for a colloquium with the aim of making an exchange of information so that they would let us know about their work, and so that we could explain what our research in the Deseacrop project consists of”.

The talk was given by Professor Francisco Domingo Molina Aíz.