Meeting with representatives of the proyect “SEARRISOST”

The partners of the LIFE DESEACROP project – LIFE/ENV/ES/000341 “Desalinated seawater for alternative and sustainable soilless crop production”  formed by the Universities of Almeria and the Polytechnic of Cartagena, the company Sacyr-Water and the Community of Users Campo de Níjar met on July 11 at the Murcian Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Development (IMIDA) with the partners of the project SEARRISOST “New technological advances for a sustainable management of irrigation with desalinated sea water”. This project is formed  by IMIDA, University Polytechnic of Cartagena and by the companies Ecohidro and Nutricontrol.

This meeting has allowed both teams to show the first results of both researches on desalinated sea water for irrigation of hydroponic, horticultural and woody crops and to propose future lines of action and synergies between both projects.