Training course “Optimization of fertigation in hydroponics and reuse of drainages through desalination with renewable energy”

The training course on the use of desalinated seawater in agriculture, organised by the LIFE DESEACROP project, took place on 29 Nov 2019.

The place chosen to give this course was the CIFEA of Torre Pacheco.

Attendance was free and the capacity was completed, with the attendance of 60 people, which shows the success and great reception of the call.
The course was attended by teachers from the UPCT, UAL and experts in desalination from the company SACYR AGUA.

Some of the topics presented were:

– The importance of the soilless systems and the drainages management.
– The main advances in the use of renewable energies, reverse osmosis membranes and brine treatments.

  • The optimization of the fertigation programs throughout modelling.
  • Life Cycle Analysis assessments.

The coordination team thanks the CIFEA of Torre Pacheco for its entire availability in facilitating its facilities and all attendees for their participation.