Visit of the Valencian Association of Farmers to the facilities of the DESEACROP project

On October 18, representatives of the Valencian Association of Farmers AVA-ASAJA visited the facilities of the LIFE DESEACROP project in the Experimental Farm UAL-ANECOOP.
During the visit, the farmers of AVA-ASAJA had the opportunity to analyze in situ the technical approach of the project and, in particular, the experimental design of the tests with desalinated water and in hydroponic culture. In the same way, the objectives of the LIFE DESEACROP project were exposed, as well as the impact of the use of desalinated water on the productivity of the Spanish East crops.
Participants had the opportunity to raise technical and economic questions and to exchange views on the development of the project and the use of desalinated water in agriculture.

DESEACROP is a project approved within the framework of the European LIFE program whose purpose is to develop new systems for the use of desalinated seawater in intensive agriculture and to demonstrate the agronomic and economic advantages of using desalinated water in agriculture.
The LIFE DESEACROP project attaches great importance to the dissemination of the results of the project to other agents, including companies, farmers and irrigators, specialized technicians and Public Administrations